Golden Image compositing technology drawings exhibition


Compositing technology cases exhibition


Tongling Yangtze River Combined Bridge


Langqi Min River Bridge, which has the biggest span among the bridges


No.6 Jianghan Bridge is located between No.5 and No.2 Jianghan...


The finish of Oujiang River Bridge will solves the river-crossing...


The bridge is 1350 meters in length, 27.5 meters in width on the bridge deck..


with the assistance of supply lines between the factories...

Compositing technology

The application of the compositing technology provides the advantages of precision and timeliness for producing in the realistic request, therefore, increasingly popular in film making, especially the special effect movies. Making effective simulation on 3D image will enhance the situation performance expressed by the images, which increase the vitality, reality and nature interest.

Technology concept

Golden Image is committed to providing the most excellent effect drawings and 3D animation productions to the client, and perfectly fuses the compositing technology into projects. Golden Image landscape department can use aerial panoramas which are taken by UAV department to combine the real scene with virtual scene.