Introduction of primary services

Aerial photography

Providing the aviation photography service for clients

Rental service

The newly designed GM-1 is qualified to finish the tasks.

Training service

Providing ground crews training to finish the ground duties.

Aerial advertising

GM-8 is able to undertake kinds of Aerial advertisements.

Operation training

Providing the flying control training of the airship for client.

Introduction of Golden Image UAV Department

Golden Image UAV Department mainly produces and sells various kinds of self-researched civil pilotless flying platform and civil UAV technology services. Golden Image UAV Department provides the aerial advertising services with the pilotless airship which developed with independent intellectual property rights.
Golden Image UVA Department provides aviation photography services for whom requires aerial image data that arrays with a unique pan-tilt system created by Golden Image can take a 720 degree aerial panoramic photo, used for building the all-round air monitoring systems and building information system of urban panorama.
The first flight mission on March 27, 2011 of the newly designed pilotless electric airship GM-1 has been successfully accomplished and therefore formally put GM-1 into use operational, that means UVA Department towards a new stage.

Golden Image Tech


After several years of development, Golden Image already had an achievement in animation production, effect drawing production, and other fields, also created a the good oral traditions in industry.

GM-1 pilotless airship


GM-1 is a type of advanced pilotless airship that portable with quickly installation, the strong lithium polymer battery and stable flexible IPP has offered the fine control and nearly 8 hours endurance.

Aerial photography


Thanks to good wind resistance capacity and handling, in the majority of tasks,GM-1 can provide a good view and angle to obtain excellent aerial image data with the self-researched aerail pan control system.

 Assemble and logistics


With the adoption of the quick installation of portable design, assembling process is very simple and promptitude, all of the components can be installed in a medium-sized vehicles with shorter time.